Ministry of Sound Group Ltd.

Licensing: Finances

With our world class Brands we believe that we have put in place a great package of support and look forward to working with Licence Partners to exploit new local opportunities.

Licence Partners will need to make a significant financial investment in their business.

If you decide to register your interest in this opportunity we will naturally share with you the key financial and commercial details as part of the recruitment process. We want our Licence Partners to have realistic and achievable plans in place.

Your financial commitment will be made up of the following areas:

Initial Investment-Licence Fee

Licence Partners will pay an upfront Licence Fee that will cover

  • Brand Licence
  • Exclusive Territory
  • Site selection advice and fit-out support
  • Branding and Launch Programme support
  • Training
  • Event Planning support
  • Talent Management Advice

Ongoing Fees

Our Licence Partners will pay a fixed on going royalty which will be determined depending upon the size of the territory or individual venue being developed.

Following on from our 1st meeting with you, we will fully disclose more detailed financial information that will enable you to build a robust Business Plan.

Club Infrastructure

Depending on whether you are converting an existing site or building a "Greenfield" site, Licence Partners will be required to fund a major capital project and will need to demonstrate their ability to develop and sustain a robust funding plan.

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