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Hed Kandi

Welcome to Hed Kandi - the world's most fabulous music and lifestyle brand. We are a record label, a radio show and an international clubbing sensation. Since the brand was born in 1999 as a humble compilation brand it has flourished and grown to become the global phenomenon it is today with a catalogue spanning over 100 albums showcasing Hed Kandi's feel-good signature sound, a host of top 40 hits and one thousand global events annually.

Hed Kandi has been delivering flirty sounds with a sense of humour to grown-up clubbers since their first club residency in London and Ibiza in 2002. Word soon spread about the most lavish and opulently produced events that the UK had seen, resulting in road-blocks and huge demand for Hed Kandi parties nationwide. Before long, Hed Kandi had a network of UK residencies and now operates across the globe, with clubbers from Sydney to Sao Paolo to Stockholm enjoying the Hed Kandi sound every month. Hed Kandi now defines the sound and vision of the international party scene. Radio listeners can also experience Hed Kandi live on Ministry of Sound Radio every Wednesday evening, hosted by the fabulous Zoe Hardman.

Hed Kandi's instantly recognisable visual worlds of impossibly beautiful girls in uber-elegant surroundings is brought to life by our illustrations which have captured the imagination of many. Each and every stunning girl, drawn posing for the camera with a cheeky glint in her eye, exudes the sophistication and sex appeal that is synonymous with our brand.

Over the past decade Hed Kandi has well and truly established itself as the world's most glamorous dance music and lifestyle brand. Whatever Hed Kandi does, it feels like a fabulous and exclusive escape. From the city to the beach, sunset to sunrise, Hed Kandi is first class travel to destination chic... every time, all the time.


  • Over 135 albums to date
  • Over 5 million album sales to date
  • Releases in over 118 countries world wide


  • Over 1,000 Hed Kandi branded parties per year worldwide attended by over 1million partygoers
  • 12 year residency in Ibiza
  • Over 30 UK residencies
  • Regular parties and residencies in Cape Town, New York, Dubai, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro, Miami, Sydney and more
  • Special events held worldwide throughout the year including live shows and festival VIP events


  • Total social networking weekly reach 330,000 and growing
  • Over 100,000 app downloads
  • Global radio show reaching 750,000 weekly listeners
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